WHALE! EA-3B SKYWARRIOR under tension. Giclee Print, Image Size 12.5" x 17" $35.00 or 16" x 20.5" $65.00.
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LCDR Frank Mudgett, at the office, somewhere down south (RVN), 1971. Acrylic on Canvas
PAPA ROMEO FOUR , EA-3B Skywarrior flown by LCDR Frank Mudgett while attached to VQ-1, 1970 - 1971. 13" x 19" Custom Profile
TA-4J in the markings of VA-44. As a Staff Flight Instructor, Frank Mudgett flew TA-4Js as well as A-4Es.
One of a number of A-4Es flown by Frank Mudgett while attached to VA-44 as a Staff Flight Instructor. 13" x 19" Custom Profile.
A-4C of VA-12 flown by Frank Mudgett while deployed to the Mediterranean aboard U.S.S. Franklin D. Roosevelt on her 1964 cruise. Frank made 2 cruises with VA-12, flying both A-4C and A-4Es. 13" x 19" Custom Profile.
Franklin D. Roosevelt (CVA-42) as configured in 1966. Frank Mudgett made 2 consecutive cruises on FDR with VA-12 (1964-1965 & 1965-1966 Med Cruises). 13" x 19" Print available; See Products page.

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